Why people should choose the ProForm Performance 300i treadmill?

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You are really interested in taking exercise? You try your best to have good health and keep fit but you do not know which equipment is good for you? Do not worry because ProForm Performance 300i treadmill is coming here to help you.

First of all, we would like to introduce to all of you about basic information such as the size of this machine. ProForm Performance 300i treadmill has a 65-inch length, 29-inch width, and 56-inch height. This is basic information about this machine that you need to know to make the decision to buy it or not. It depends on many factors such as the area of your taking-exercise room, your body, especially your weight. ProForm Performance 300i treadmill allows users with a maximum weight of 300 lbs which is equivalent of 136 kg. This means this machine does not limit the weight of chubby people. They also can believe in buying ProForm Performance 300i treadmill to start to work out in order to keep fit.

ProForm Performance 300i treadmill has a motor called 2.0 CHP. This motor cannot be robust as the motor of ProForm ZT10 treadmill or other kinds of the treadmill. However, this motor can allow people to run at a speed of about 10 mph. Thanks to the speed, this treadmill can operate in the smoothest way without being interrupted because of being overheated.

Introducing about ProForm Performance 300i treadmill, nobody does mention the console of this machine. It is very attractive with a touchable screen and Bluetooth. Firstly, about the display screen. It shows everything that users need to know such as speed, intensity, incline and so on. ProForm Performance 300i treadmill offers 16 workout apps which are set by professional trainers. This can make you believe more in the machine. Unlike the kind of manual models of a treadmill in which users need to do everything on their own such as incline, this treadmill set the system of automatic incline. In addition, only by touching the screen, users can themselves adjust speed and intensity level which are suitable for their health condition.

In addition to the screen, the ProForm Performance 300i treadmill is equipped with Bluetooth. Thanks to Bluetooth, users can connect their phone, laptop or other devices to choose a song to enjoy while working out. This will create an exciting and happy atmosphere so that users can completely concentrate on doing workouts.

To sum up, we have listed out a lot of details and basic but very important information about ProForm Performance 300i treadmill. They are features that are very useful and attractive. Only when understanding thoroughly about these things can you use it in a good way and take advantage of it to serve yourself.